• 2048 BC – 4 Hun Warrior
    All good things must come to an end.. …and this ‘not-so-friendly’ warrior would be the one to bring about the downfall of an empire that some of us still long for today. Roma aeterna! Roma victrix! Whirr! Tap! Clack! Buzz! Jlashkfkj I had to take the keyboard… Lee más: 2048 BC – 4 Hun Warrior
  • 2048 BC – 3  Legionary
    Only one word: ROME We have come to the most legendary warrior in the history of warfare. The Roman legionaries, renowned for their discipline and training, were one of the most formidable military forces in history. Their influence continues to resonate today, especially in popular media, including… Lee más: 2048 BC – 3  Legionary
  • 2048 BC – 2 The Hoplite
    Our first real ancient combat unit are the Greek hoplites. Hoplites were heavy infantry warriors in ancient Greece, who fought with round shields, long spears, and short swords. These soldiers were highly disciplined and trained to form a phalanx, a static formation in which the hoplites protected… Lee más: 2048 BC – 2 The Hoplite
  • 2048 BC – 1 The troglodyte
    Warfare is an undeniable reality of human history, but can we talk about warfare in prehistory? While the lack of written documentation makes it challenging to understand the armed conflicts of early humans, archaeologists have uncovered evidence that suggests warfare was not foreign to prehistoric societies. The… Lee más: 2048 BC – 1 The troglodyte