2048 BC – 2 The Hoplite

2048 BC The Hoplite
Rome Total War Hoplite

Our first real ancient combat unit are the Greek hoplites. Hoplites were heavy infantry warriors in ancient Greece, who fought with round shields, long spears, and short swords. These soldiers were highly disciplined and trained to form a phalanx, a static formation in which the hoplites protected each other and advanced together towards the enemy. The hoplite phalanx became a symbol of military strength and discipline in ancient Greece, and its influence can be seen in many historical-themed video games.

Historical-themed video games often present epic battles in which players must lead their troops in tactical formations to defeat the enemy. These games often feature a variety of infantry units, from archers to cavalry, but hoplites are a unit that appears time and time again.

One of the most popular games featuring hoplites is «Total War: Rome». In this game, players can control the armies of ancient Greece or other factions and engage in epic battles with well-trained hoplite phalanxes. Players must pay attention to the position of their units in formation to ensure that the hoplites are adequately protecting their comrades as they advance towards the enemy.

In summary, hoplites are a heavy infantry unit that has become an inspiration for many historical-themed video games. Their discipline and ability to form a protective phalanx have been recreated in numerous games, allowing players to lead armies of hoplites in epic battles. Hoplites are an important part of ancient military history, and their legacy continues to inspire video game developers to this day, we are no exception.