The Team

Elena Pontijas – Guardian of the Elements: When she was young, she was given a Nintendo DS as a gift, and that, along with a chewed-up pencil, led her to become a Video Game Developer and Artist. She particularly enjoys digital drawing and 3D modeling, and she loves Japanese culture.

Guillermo Acero – Master of Nautical Charts: He wanted to be a 16th century explorer and cartographer, but he was born a little too late and became a Geomatics engineer instead. After working on mapmaking, as a GIS developer, and with satellite images, he started designing video games, preferably with maps.

Manu Criado – Programming Wizard: His interest in the world of video games was born when he played Ratchet & Clank on the PS2, and years later, he began to learn how a computer worked and push its limits to become an even bigger gamer. He enjoys taking on new projects related to computers and programming.