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2048 BC

Introducing «2048 BC» by Almond Studio, an independent game development company. Step back in time and discover the excitement of ancient military history with «2048 BC»! This addictive puzzle game challenges you to match historical soldiers from different eras to unlock hidden secrets. Inspired by the popular 2048 game, «2048 BC» puts a historical twist on classic gameplay.

«2048 BC» is the perfect puzzle game for history buffs and casual gamers alike. Travel back in time and experience the thrill of ancient military history. Play now and unlock the secrets of the past!

How to Play:

Swipe numbered tiles in any direction to match and merge them into higher numbers. Each tile represents a soldier from a different era, such as Roman legionnaires or medieval knights. The goal is to match the soldiers and unlock the secrets of the past!


  • Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay
  • Addictive puzzle game with historical soldiers as numbers
  • Explore ancient military history and uncover hidden secrets
  • Play at your own pace with no time limit
  • Challenge your friends and compete for high scores
  • Available in multiple languages for global enjoyment

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