2048 BC – 1 The troglodyte

2048 BC Clubmap
Empire Earth Clubmap

Warfare is an undeniable reality of human history, but can we talk about warfare in prehistory? While the lack of written documentation makes it challenging to understand the armed conflicts of early humans, archaeologists have uncovered evidence that suggests warfare was not foreign to prehistoric societies.

The first evidence of warfare in prehistory comes from Nataruk Cave in Kenya, where the remains of 27 individuals were found to have been violently killed around 10,000 years ago. The bodies showed signs of blows, cuts, and arrow wounds, indicating a violent conflict between rival groups.

Moreover, archaeological findings indicate that early humans manufactured tools that could be used for war. For instance, spears, axes, and arrowheads have been found in various prehistoric sites. Ceramic remains have also been identified, which seem to have been used as projectiles.

In summary, although it is challenging to know precisely what warfare was like in prehistory, archaeological evidence suggests that armed conflicts were not uncommon among ancient societies. These findings remind us that violence has been a constant part of the human experience throughout history and urge us to reflect on how we can work towards building a more peaceful and just society in the future.

For our game, we preferred to stay with the nice version of one of our childhood games: Empire Earth. In which the toughest warrior of the tribe is the one who is able to lift a good club.